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Evan Mester

Media and Communication Major, Entrepreneurship Minor

A dedicated scholar, team player who has no trouble leading if necessary, a people person for all people, musically inclined.

No stranger to a good laugh, record or midnight movie. Always looking to experience more.

The family SUV’s radio dial was always turned to a certain type of station. You would not ever expect to hear any top 40’s or 00’s soft rock in the Mom’s SUV. Instead, what emitted from the speakers was the sounds and songs that folks grew up with: the psychedelic flourishes of late-era Beatles material, the soulful croons of Janis Joplin, the bard-like poetry of Neil Young. There as something that really resonated with me in regards to what I was hearing. Maybe I was looking for a way to get ever closer to my already loving family. Maybe the music was just unlike anything else I heard beforehand. Whatever the case, I wanted to experience more of it. What this eventually evolved into goes beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Deep into my teenage years, this infatuation with music not only remained but grew ever more so than with my discovery of online music forums such as SputnikMusic and RYM. Many afternoons during those socially awkward years of my adolescence were defined in those online communities where I would be enlightened or even enlighten other to whole new spectrums of music, from anything ranging to progressive rock to something as out there as 2nd Wave Norwegian Black Metal. Needless to say, I had learned and heard my fair share of things. However, this led to the emergence of a new dilemma: how exactly do I share this with others beyond small pockets of the internet?

To be honest, I really had no clue. What was I, a socially awkward teenager going to do? For the longest while, I sat on this question drifting through high school and my early years at college continuing my familiar cycle of learning more and more about the things in life I held great interest into. Three things really mattered to me: good grades, good friends and, of course, good music.

I got the call about a year ago in late September, while my friends and I were experiencing the cinematic fever dream that is Kung-Fu From Beyond The Grave. I was now a radio DJ with my own show and everything. Upon receiving this news, I shivered with excitement not because of earning a show itself, but a legitimate avenue of to answer that years-old problem of not being able to share my passion for music beyond niche online circles. So for those first months on the air, I went all in. Show after show, concert after concert, I would end up pouring as much time as I could into being the very best team player I could muster to be for WMUH.

I am writing this at the tail end of my office hours here at the Student Office for the radio station. After several calls with labels and promoters about what the station has been playing and looking to see appear in this week’s add’s, it dawned on me that this very moment came as result of the radio dial being on the classic rock station. Something so seemingly minuscule with made all the difference. What else will ensue from that? Who knows. Regardless, I’m excited to make the journey the very best it can be.

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